My phone won’t turn on, what should I do?
  • Your phone might be low on battery, please recharge the phone and try turning it on again.
  • Removed and re-insert the battery from your phone and try again.
  • If you have access to another battery of the same type, try changing it to determine if the issue is on the phone or battery.
How do I update my phone to the latest software from LEAGOO?
  • You can update your phone through; Settings>About Phone>Wireless Update.
My phone stop working all together, where do I submit it for warranty?
  • You can contact us through Facebook or our Service Hotline at 1800-18-6600 (9am-6pm, Monday to Friday).
  • Please bring along your warranty card when submitting your phone for warranty.
What is covered by the warranty and for how long?
  • Every device came with a warranty of 1 year upon the date of purchase by the first consumer.
  • Accessories purchased are covered by warranty for only 3 months upon the date of purchase by the first consumer.
My phone is always too hot when using it.
  • It is normal for smartphone device to get hot when playing videos or games on it or charging it.
  • Clear the apps running in the background by holding down the Home button for 2 seconds.
  • Turn off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth etc. if you’re no longer using them.
  • Try and not use the phone during charging unless necessary.
What should I do if my phone is stuck on LEAGOO logo during boot?
  • This is most likely due to faulty phone firmware (Linux Kernel); you can do a hard reset by holding down the Power Button and Volume Down Button for around 10 seconds.
  • Make sure your device is running the latest software, please update it if not.
How can I prolong my battery life on my smartphone?
  • The brightness of the screen may affect the standby time of battery power. In the display setting, you can adjust the brightness to “auto” mode in order to reduce consumption.
  • Leaving applications running in the background increase the consumption of battery power, close the application that you’re no longer using.
  • Try and not to leave video or music playing in the background if necessary.
  • If the battery drains fast even though there is no feature running, the battery may be wearing out and you need to seek a replacement for it.
What should I do if I can’t charge my phone?
  • Please replace the charger, USB data cable or battery.
  • Reactivate or refresh the firmware.
Why does my phone can’t detect my SIM card?
  • The device might be set to Airplane mode or there is poor contact between the SIM card and phone, please turn off Airplane mode and re-insert the SIM card and try again.
  • Your SIM card may be faulty, please request a replacement from your service provider.
  • The SIM card deck may be damaged due to bad handling, please bring the phone to our service centre.
Why can’t my phone use 4G LTE connectivity, even though it support 4G LTE?
  • You may have set your phone to use only 3G connection, try changing it to 4G at; Settings>Mobile Networks>Preferred Network Type.
  • Your SIM might not support 4G services, please request a new replacement SIM card from your service provider.
  • You might be out of coverage area of your 4G services, please contact your carrier for more info.
Does my phone still covered by warranty after I rooted it?
  • We will considered the warranty void if our technical team found out the device had been rooted and any replacement or repairing of parts will be billed upon our users.
  • We strongly against rooting of our devices unless the users know what they are doing and is familiar with Android Operating System.