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LEAGOO is a global smartphone manufacturer owned by LEAGOO Int’l Co., Limited that delivers the latest and most exquisite mobile electronic devices in over 30 countries and region including United States, Europe, China, Bangladesh and etc. Throughout the years, LEAGOO have been delivering customers with the most extraordinary mobile experience through meticulous design and latest mobile technology.

LEAGOO Philosophy


In order to compete in the world of fastest growing mobile industry, we are dedicated to create a friendly user experience with the aim to deliver reliable and the highest quality end products for our users. LEAGOO is relentless in pursuing perfection right down to the very minute of details in our products. LEAGOO continues to make great strides toward successfully establishing itself in an increasingly competitive market.


At LEAGOO, we’re here for those that expect more in their smartphone while doesn’t cost a fortune. We at LEAGOO will continuously striving to develop and deliver the best products possible, and to create devices at an affordable price range. Hence, the goals of LEAGOO are not only focusing on the design, production, research, and development, but also with our core value that is “TO PROVIDE CARE ABOUT WHAT END USERS CARE”.


LEAGOO strive to achieve the highest stand of “great design” by perfecting the concept, style, and interface for each of our products. To create a beautiful product, we at LEAGOO have considered everything from, every angles, every colours, and every piece of device is perfectly crafted to fit perfectly in users’ hand and allow the users with meaningful and charming experiences. Every unique and distinctive features is inspired by our users.



Offices and service centers of LEAGOO are located in multiple regions in the world, providing users with first hand supports and professional advices. LEAGOO always put their users as a first priority and pay attention to each details during pre-sale, sales and after-sale stages. Beside, LEAGOO’s professional technical team is well-trained to provide prompt and efficient technical services to global partners at all time. To ensure the core interest of our regional partners, LEAGOO have established and implemented a series of strict regional protection policies.